Your business deserves to be secure.

V4 provide more than just CCTV, we work with you to create a bespoke security system to suit your business needs and budget with remote access from your PC or mobile. Stay secure with 24/7 coverage.

How we can help

Whether it is suspicious activity inside or outside of your property that is causing concern, CCTV systems provided and managed by V4 will not only act as a deterrent, but also provide vital evidence when it comes to the prosecution of any offenders captured on the high-quality video feed.

CCTV System Design

Good system design is crucial to ensure you obtain an effective CCTV system that meets your requirements. V4’s team of experienced security consultants will advise you on important matters such as:

  • The type of cameras and their locations
  • Which recording equipment will provide the best quality images
  • The required image storage space for your business
  • Whether you need to improve ambient light levels at your premises
  • They will further advise on whether any additional solution is need that fits your budget

Benefits of CCTV

Increased Theft Deterrent

Companies that install professional CCTV systems usually experience drastic improvements in stock leakage etc.

Safer Working Environment

V4 provides on demand access to features to improve collaboration and communication between all team members using state of the art handsets, connected to PC and mobiles allowing for connection everywhere they go.

Improve and monitor employee productivity

CCTV can help your business and staff adhere to health and safety policy and used in future training protocols.

Visibility of entire business premise

Use CCTV as an extra pair of eyes. Be in full control with an overview of your entire site from one device.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies recognise that installing a CCTV system will increase your business’ security and therefore you could benefit from reduced insurance premiums.

Peace of Mind

One of the most overlooked benefits of CCTV is the peace of mind you will experience knowing that your whole business premise is being monitored at all times.

Key Highlights


Choice of dome, bullet or box cameras to suit requirement.


Day night image technology


Infrared illumination available


Range of digital video recorders


Digital video recorder with touch screen monitors available


Mobile connectivity to view images remotely.


Installed and maintained by V4.


Free security consultation

According to CSEW

"In the survey year ending March 2017, business and household premises are currently four times less likely to be a victim of burglary than in 1995 owing to acceptance of advanced security systems."

Alarm Systems

We understand the challenges faced when protecting your business from unauthorised access and can provide an intruder alarm system tailored to your needs. Every business has different needs, which is why our alarm systems are individually tailored to provide the greatest protection. From window sensors to the latest movement and vibration detection technology we will find the ideal blend of equipment to help your business remain secure.

Key Highlights

Pet friendly alarm

Remote access

Full service and maintenance

Engineer on

Digital video recorder with touch screen monitor available

Mobile connectivity to view images remotely

Installed and maintained
by V4

Free security

Business & Commercial Alarm Installation

We offer a wide range of commercial alarm systems which can be managed from your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

An alarm system is arguably the most effective deterrent for unwanted intruders. We cover every aspect of protecting a commercial property, with discreet internal protection yet with the external visual deterrents. We can install wireless or wired alarms with the latest door and roller contact technology.


Remote access alarms

You can have complete security control in the palm of your hand. You can now view your alarm status from anywhere in the world with our app. Keep forgetting to set your alarm? Want to know who’s at your premise? Our alarm systems can be easily connected to your Wi-Fi and accessible from your smart phone or tablet, as well as receiving push notifications anywhere in the world.

This means you can check in at your premises while away or anywhere in the world, keeping your mind at complete ease. So there is no need for data costs or monthly contracts, you will have the accessibility to view your alarm status and also home CCTV in just one app.


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