What is Web Listings

90% of customers search for business listings using many different platforms and manually managing all these listings can be a long and difficult task trying to keep it all consistent. That is why we offer one single platform that allows you to publish all your company information across all platforms ensuring that your customers can find you anywhere on the web.

Web Listings in 1 Minute

Update your company information on 50+ platforms, all at once.

When people searching for products and locations they will use all types of platforms such as: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Apple Maps, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Sat Nav’s and many more.

To maximise your reach, all these platforms need your business listed on there. This will increase website traffic, phone calls and visitors to your location immediately compared to if you were only using google for example.

Consistency is key as complete & uniform location information everywhere will make you rank higher in search results and if not, your rankings will suffer. But, manually managing your listings and keeping up-do-date on all the platforms is a difficult and time-consuming task.

Web Listings is a single, easy-to-use platform where you can add and update ALL your company information and with just one click, publish across all online platforms, all in one go - Making sure those potential customers can find your business!

We simplify online web listings for businesses of all sizes allowing for complete, consistent information everywhere on the web.

One Price, One Plan

Keep all your web listings up to date with one price per month.

Web Listings Plan

£ 8.99

Per location. Per month
  • Update company information automatically on 50+ platforms
  • Reduce the internal resources required
  • Higher Search Rankings
  • One Easy to Use Software
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Benefits of Web Listings


Update all your online company information automatically on 50+ platforms, from maps to search engines, social media and more.


Consistent listings mean Google will rank you higher and move you up the search results list in Maps, providing competitive advantage.


No complex software and the user-friendly dashboard makes it simple to make changes.


Reduce the internal resources required to manage your online information and put that time to better use serving your newfound customers!

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