Intercoms Systems

Video Intercom and Video Door entry systems provide an extra layer of security for your business by only granting people who you want, access to your premises. With our video intercoms systems, you can see exactly who is requesting access to enter your premises.

Benefits of Video Intercom System

Increase Convenience

Video Intercoms makes visitor screening and communication more convenient, You have the ability to now easy communicate why the visitor is there and you do not have to get up to let them into your premises after the initial screening

Integrate with other security Systems

You don’t always need to purchase a whole new system with video intercoms, you may be able to integrate with any current security equipment you have on your premises

Deter Crime

Having the Presence of a Video Intercom System and other security equipment can deter criminals away from your premises, if they were trying to break in. If they see that you have security in place to identify them, they will be less inclined to try and victimise your premises.

Reduce Premium Prices

Many insurance companies recognise that installing a Video Intercom system will increase your business’ security and therefore you could benefit from reduced insurance premiums.

V4 Cloud's Video Intercom Products

V4 Cloud offer a range of stylish solutions for door communication. V4 Cloud's door and security intercoms will ensure comfort for you and your visitors and with a range of different models and features with additional addons to suit your needs.


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