Offer Wi-Fi to Gain New Customers

What’s one thing that everyone wants when out their homes? That’s right Wi-Fi. Effortlessly gain more clients doing visitor marketing with V4’s Wi-Fi solutions. We offer the best Wi-Fi technology to market your business to visitors on your premises. We’ve partnered with one of the world’s leading Wi-Fi solution providers to bring you technology used by the biggest brands, right on your doorstep.

Our Wi-Fi Works With:

Get likes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and email subscribers all from customers using your Wi-Fi. This works wonders with getting your brand awareness and page likes up as customers will need to like your page or sign up to your mailing list to use your Wi-Fi

Benefits of offering Wi-Fi to customers

Create, send targeted messages, and convert

Create retargeting campaigns related to customers who have visited your premises that will lead to higher conversions rates with well-designed retargeting campaigns.

Reports and dashboard

The dashboard includes in-depth insights about your customers, collected email addresses and gives you control over your WiFi network. Our reporting gives you the power to make real time decisions based on your customer insights.

Free promotional material

You receive stickers and table stands with a step-by-step plan for easy online access in several languages. These additional brand collaterals give more touchpoints for your customers to interact with your business. All this is included in the price.

Increase your TripAdvisor ratings automatically

Online ratings can be the single most important factor that can help you drive organic customer traffic into your store. With our WIFI you can automatically ask your customer for a TripAdvisor review, increase your ratings and build social trust that reflects directly on your revenue.

Several languages

Your customers can come from diverse backgrounds who are comfortable to interact with online systems in their preferred language. With our WiFi solution you get your login portal and promotional material in several languages, to accommodate a diverse base of customers.

Easy access without passwords

Sharing and resharing passwords with customers can be an added unnecessary task for you. Why create extra layers when you can be smart? Get your customers online in 1 just one click. No fuss exchanging passwords.


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