Ethernet Solutions suited for your Business

Our ethernet solutions are ideal for businesses that heavily rely on their data connection and want guaranteed, symmetrical high speeds at all times without missing a beat. Our range of ethernet solutions include Ethernet over FTTC, Ethernet First Mile and Ethernet Point to Point.

Type of Ethernet Solutions Available

Ethernet in the
First Mile (EFM)
Point to Point
Ethernet Over

Benefits of Ethernet Solutions

Dedicated Connection

Ethernet is a dedicated connection widely used by businesses to connect multiple sites to the internet that doesn’t slow at peak times. A dedicated connection ensures high security and reliability.

Symmetrical Downloads
and Upload Speeds

Businesses that heavily rely on cloud-based services and need stable upload and download speeds at all times will benefit from ethernet. As ethernet speeds are symmetric, you get same download and upload speeds unlike in broadband where download speeds are higher than upload speeds

No Interruptions

Ethernet being a business-focused product offers you guaranteed speeds agreed within a service level agreement (SLA). This means that you will always get the speeds desired to keep your business functioning without interruptions, as well as a fast resolution of any issues that arise.

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)

EFM is applicable where full fibre is expensive to install or is simply unavailable. Using multiple copper pairs EFM connects your business premises directly to the Ethernet core network. You get dedicated and uninterrupted connection that provides your business with high-speed symmetrical bandwidth, meaning you get the equal download and upload speeds. EFM ensures the smooth running of real-time applications, such as video conferencing and VoIP.

Suitable for

EFM is ideal for businesses that want all the benefits of dedicated Ethernet, can predict their future data requirements, need absolute control of their connectivity, and any loss of service would have a majorly impact day to day operations.


Up to 35 Mbps Symmetrical Upload/Download Speeds


Ideal for up to 20 users


Ideal solution where Fibre is not available

Ethernet Point to Point

A dedicated full fibre connection between your two sites ensures your data stays secure, performance is more reliable and, by using hosted VoIP, you’ll make big savings on inter-site calls.

Suitable for

Ideal if you want to connect offices in different locations or an office to a data centre.


Highly secure


Up to 10 Gbps Symmetrical Upload/Download Speeds


Available using copper or fibre Ethernet

Ethernet Over FTTC (EOFTTC)

Ethernet over fibre to the cabinet (EoFTTC) – also known as Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) – is a solution which uses existing fibre or copper cable, if full fibre is not available, to connect your business to the nearest street cabinet, and a dedicated Ethernet line to carry data to our core network. A high-velocity, hybrid solution that gives you the dedicated speed and bandwidth of Ethernet with the cost benefits of fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and fibre to the premises (FTTP) services.

Suitable for

EoFTTC is ideal for businesses that have up to 20 users, want a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of Ethernet, and are located in an area with the required capability.


Ideal for up to 20 users


Up to 20 Mbps symmetrical upload/download speeds


Uses existing fibre or copper cable if full fibre unavailable


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