What is Cloud Technology?

Cloud Technology stores all the network and routing elements offsite rather than in your office. This is all hosted in the cloud and has all your data stored in a secure server that uses the internet to access it.

There are no drastic differences that employees in the office will notice when using a cloud based system, it just means calls will be routed direct to your phone through the cloud rather than through an on site PBX.

Would a Cloud Phone System suit your Business?

We design our Cloud Telephony to suit your business needs, whether you have offices situated all over the country or in one office, we build a bespoke system so all users can use their phone system more efficiently no matter the business size.

Cloud Phone System Features

HD Audio
and Video
Computer Telephony
Call Reporting
& Recording
Click to
On Hold Messages
& Audio
Remote Working
to Mobile

Benefits of Cloud VoIP

Fast Set Up and Less
Maintenance Costs

You can easily get a cloud solution setup quickly whilst protecting your IT resources, with minimal maintenance meaning it is a much cheaper option for many businesses.

Brings the Team Together

V4 provides on demand access to features to improve collaboration and communication between all team members using state of the art handsets, connected to PC and mobiles allowing for connection everywhere they go.

Pay as you Grow

Our Cloud Telephony will set you free from complexity and concerns over your resource utilization for communications. You can adjust capacity, features and applications as needed through a simple management tool. You can optimize your communication needs as your business grows.

Improve Customer

Our Cloud based solution allows for calls and messages to be answered from anywhere, meaning that no customer calls will be missed. We connect office and individuals seamlessly to support real time communication and bring customers closer.

Cloud PBX Key Features

V4 Cloud’s Cloud Phone System places your current phone system into the cloud, giving you all the familiarity of your current system but, significantly improving your monthly savings, give you more features and allow for huge flexibility within your business.

Cloud VoIP

  • Auto Attendant
  • Hunt groups
  • Pickup groups
  • Paging groups
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Music on hold

Collaboration &

  • Instant Messaging
  • Conferencing
  • Skype for Business Integration
  • Mobile phone pairing
  • Voicemail to email
  • Link multiple device
  • Hot Desk
  • Disaster Recovery

Admin, Analytics
and Reporting

  • Analytics
  • Call reporting
  • Scheduled reports
  • Call recording
  • Live call monitoring
  • Portal for simple management

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